Pack your swimsuit and get ready to have all your senses stimulated during this 5-hour tour of Xenses Park. Take part in 15 different activities that challenge each of your senses in different ways. Enter the Way of Dwarfs and Giants to use your logic; visit the X'trico Garden to awaken your senses of smell and taste. Spend five hours having fun by land, water, air, and underground. Your tour includes round-trip transport from Cancun, entrance fees to the park, and use of amenities like locker rooms.

Choose a morning or an afternoon tour when you book, then get picked up in the lobby of your Cancun'hotel. Enjoy a comfortable transport to Xenses Park for five hours of magic, fun, and new experiences for all your senses. Take part in more than 15 activities that allow you to rediscover the power of your senses ' and your mind. Have fun by land, water, air, and underground as your perceptions are challenged and your senses awakened.

Everything begins as you enter the Pinwheel, and the surrounding reality begins to change. From there, explore different ecosystems and attractions. Enter the Way of Dwarfs and Giants in a game full of ups and downs that challenges your logic. Visit the X'trico Garden, where your sense of smell and taste connect to fruit aromas. Other activities include tobogganing, scrubbing down in a mud bath, and flying like a bird through a three-dimensional space.

Tour price includes access to snacks, restrooms, lockers, and a shop; as well as round-trip transport from your hotel.

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