Enjoy'the opportunity to swim with the Giants. These magnificent whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world. And now,'just imaging your self'swimming next to them. This experience will leave you speechless. This is a family friendly experience for those that are ready to enjoy and learn about'these marine animals in order to help and be part of their conservation.

Your day starts with hotel pick up in the morning. You will be driven'to the'marina where you will take a boat with a small group of ten people, which'will take you on this adventure.

You will be provided with the equipment and information that you need to enjoy snorkeling with the whale sharks.The duration of the boat ride will'depend on the weather conditions and how near or far the whale sharks are eating plankton that day.

Once at the site, you go into the water,'two people at the time, with your local guide for the swimming activity. You will have floating vest, fins, a mask and a snorkel tube or wet suite rental available. After everybody has had a chance to swim with the whale shark, sandwiches and sodas'will be served on the boat. Then, will be a stop along the way for you to go on a swim near Isla Mujeres to enjoy a ceviche.

You will be taken back to your hotel afterwards.

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