Snorkel into the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean where you'll find coral and colorful fish, then fly above the jungle canopy on a thrilling zip line ride. Test your tenacity as you rappel into the Mayan jungle and explore an underground river in the middle of the jungle. Delight yourself by sampling real Mexican cuisine as a perfect finish.

Enjoy a full day of excitement while surrounded by the exotic natural beauties of the Riviera Maya. You will start in the middle of the jungle by experiencing the thrill of flying over the jungle canopy in a thrilling zip-line circuit. Then gear up to rappel into the depths of the Mayan jungle.

Snorkel in the crystal clear waters of a mystical Mayan underground river while exploring astounding rock formations. Top it off with a delicious authentic Mexican meal surrounded by the sounds of nature that awaits you at the end of your jungle adventure. Finally, head to Turtle Bay where you will enjoy the best ocean snorkeling while surrounded by marine turtles.

You will be accompanied at all times by professional guides, who will share with you the best snorkeling techniques and information regarding the flora and fauna that inhabits these unique ecosystems.

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