Private Tour: Chichen Itza, Cenote And Unique Mayan Ritual In Temazcal From Cancun

Have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with modern and ancient Mexican culture during this private, full-day tour. Enjoy a private, guided tour of'the ancient city of Chichen Itza ' one of the world's New Seven Wonders; visit the stunning Ik Kil cenote and marvel at the cave formations as you swim in its fresh waters; and finish off the day by participating in a Mayan purification ceremony with an authentic shaman. Lunch, round-trip transport from your Cancun hotel, and the services of a personal'guide are included.

After a 7am'8am pickup from your Cancun hotel, board an air-conditioned coach destined for the UNESCO-listed Chichen Itza ' one of the New Seven Wonders of the world. After driving for around two hours, arrive at the ancient archaeological site and enjoy a 2-hour tour with your private guide.

Learn about'fascinating history of the area during your comprehensive tour, exploring prominent features like the Ball Court'famous for its incredible acoustics'and the Temple of Warriors. Hear about the mysterious shadow snake that appears during certain times of the year, and snap pictures of the El Castillo pyramid before concluding the tour.

Next, travel to'the Ik Kil cenote; a naturally formed swimming pool'with clear, fresh'waters. Take a dip'in the underground cave before tucking into a buffet lunch of traditional Mexican fare at the cenote's on-site restaurant.'

Around 5pm-6pm, arrive at the'lodge where the temazcal'ceremony'a Mayan ritual that's considered by locals to be a source of health and energy' takes place. Listen to an'introductory talk from the temazcalero guide, then participate in a'salute around the fire. After a small cleaning ceremony with copal (resin)'and aromatic herbs, enter the temazcal and feel'the heat of the volcanic rocks as their red light glows'in the darkness.

Breathe in the'aromas of herbs and copal as your body is purified of physical and energetic toxins. Be guided through several'intervals of increasing and decreasing heat by the temazcalero using aromatic herbs, mud, honey, aloe vera, and refreshing teas.'Enjoy the ceremony's curative powers as you listen to live singing accompanied by'musical instruments.

After the session in the temazcal (during which you can leave the room or ask the shaman to increase/reduce the heat at any time), relax'in a hammock and snack on'a light dinner'of fresh, seasonal fruit and natural beverages. Leave the lodge between 7pm-8pm feeling refreshed, renewed, and filled with positive energy. The tour concludes with a drop off back at your Cancun hotel between 9pm-10pm.

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