The'Riviera Maya'features'ideal locations'for bird watching. On this private 6-hour tour, you'll immerse in the jungle alongside'a'birding expert as your guide. Hike to secluded'spots to observe a wide variety of endemic and migratory bird species of the Yucatan Peninsula. Private'transport is provided from'Cancun or Puerto Morelos hotels.

Each'year thousands of migratory birds arrive at the Yucatan Peninsula, joining multiple'endemic species of the region. Depending on the season, you may observe some 90'types of'birds'during this private 6-hour tour.'

After pickup'from your hotel in the early morning, your certified guide accompanies'you to'optimal viewing'spots near Puerto Morelos and'provides information about the different birds and ecosystems. Search for endemic species such as the orange oriole, rose-throated tanager,'Yucatan jay, and yellow-lored parrot. Your guide may also point out such birds as the white-bellied emerald, Vaux's swift, cinnamon hummingbird, white-fronted parrot, tropical gnatcatcher, painted bunting, and hooded oriole.'

Catch a glimpse of these birds as you venture into the Maya jungle on the'north side of the Riviera Maya and hear explanations about the Yucatan's unique flora and fauna. You're offered a snack before private return transport to your hotel.'

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