You will visit two of the most important archaeological sites of the Maya culture.'Coba, the tallest Maya pyramid surrounded by rainforest, lakes and cenotes, and'Tulum, an icon of the Maya culture in the Mexican Caribbean and the most beautiful of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The culmination of this tour will be a unique and amazing experience of the ancient Maya Civilization, a ceremony in the "home of hot stones" with a real shaman. Temazcal is a unique opportunity to get to know the culture of Mexico closely.

Your tour starts in Coba that in Maya means 'water stirred by wind' and it is an ancient Maya Urban Center surrounded by'rain forest, lakes and cenotes. Visit the temples of one of the most impressive archaeological sites of the Maya culture. Then you can walk under the tall trees and observe exotic birds and other animals that live there. If you feel more adventurous, you can climb the tallest pyramid in the Peninsula 'Nohuch Mul' ('large mound') and get a breathtaking view as a reward.

Then, you will be driven to Tulum, the archaeological site that is considered as an icon of the Maya culture in the Mexican Caribbean and the most beautiful of the Yucatan Peninsula. This ruin site is the only one located on the beaches of the Caribbean. 'You will enjoy the spectacular views of this place. Get the most incredible pictures of your trip at this unique place.

To culminate the tour you will experience the Temazcal a Maya ritual considered a source of health and energy. After a small cleaning ceremony with the copal and aromatic herbs, you will enter the temazcal and start experiencing the heat of the volcanic rock and its red light in the darkness. The aroma of herbs and copal will give allow you to feel at ease, purify the body and create space to get rid of bad energies and purify intentions. Using aromatic herbs, mud, honey, aloe vera and refreshing teas, the temazcalero will guide you through four intervals of increasing and decreasing heat (by opening the door of the temazcal), and enjoy the curative powers along with songs and musical instruments.'

In any moment, you can leave the temazcal or ask the'shaman to increase or reduce heat. This experience will allow you to find a space of positive and curative energies towards the body and spirit, as well as relaxation. All of this is done in a healthy and safe place.'

After the session in the temazcal, you can take a cold bath and then enjoy fresh fruit of the season and waters. Because of its interactive character, the length of the temazcal session varies, but it is usually 1.5 hours long.'

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