Purify your skin and your mind with a Temazcal ceremony led by a shaman. In the Mayan culture, this steam bath represents the womb that purifies and offers a rebirth. You may supplement this mystical experience swimming in a fresh-water cenote (sinkhole).'

You can also learn the customs of a traditional Mayan family that lives in a community located 45 minutes away from Playa del Carmen.

The tour starts with hotel pick up. First, you will arrive at the Ecological Reserve 'Dos Palmas', a small Mayan Community in the forest, that maintains its traditions. Here you will begin visiting a typical Mayan cabin where you will learn about some of their old customs.

There be will an Introduction to the ceremony of Mayan purification. You will learn to play the sea snail, which you will use during the ritual to unite to us with the nature.

Encounter with the Shaman around the ceremonial circle where you will be part of a spectacular ancestral ritual of purification and will have the unique opportunity to enter the Temazcal (old sacred steam bath). Walk'in the rain forest until you arrive at the illuminated natural well (cenote) at night to swim in crystalline waters.' It is an unforgettable experience to enjoy this moment to take energy and to relax.

'Hot Chocolate is served in a typical Mayan jicara, which you will get to keep.'Enjoy a typical Mayan dinner with a family from the community before going back to your hotel.

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