Take a ride on the "roller coaster of the sea" during this 30-minute jet boat adventure. Propelled by its own water stream, the jet boat can reach blazing speeds while doing maneuvers straight out of a Hollywood action film. Feel your adrenaline surge as'the'skilled driver whips the boat around with 360-degree spins and big-wave submersions. Use of a life jacket and a locker are included, and you may choose from multiple departure times throughout the day.

Make your way to the pier'next to'Camelot Lighthouse Restaurant, in Cancun's La Isla Shopping Village ' the tour departs every 30 minutes between 10am-2pm; and 4pm-dusk.

Greet the jet boat staff and receive a brief safety-guideline summary. Stash your stuff in a provided locker, suit up with a life jacket, and step aboard a jet boat for a thrilling half-hour ride.

Learn three simple hand signals to communicate with the co-pilot, then race at high speeds to the starting point about a mile (2km) from the port.
Once you're safely on the open water, feel your adrenaline surge as the jet boat pilot begins'performing exhilarating maneuvers that are straight out of a Hollywood action film.

Hold tight during 60-, 180-, and 360-degree spins, as well as eye-popping "tsunami submersions" by'submerging the front of the boat into the water, creating a huge wave soaking everyone on board. After 30 minutes of thrills, return to port and collect your belongings from your locker to conclude the tour.

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