If are looking for something exciting to do in Cancun this tour is for you! You are invited to fly over the water, try the feeling of soaring in the air over the surface of the Nichupte lagoon, practicing Flyboard. The Flyboard is an elevation propulsion system, that with the assistance of water and the propulsion of a racing PWC Sea Doo Racing RXP-X 260, we will get you the force and necessary propulsion to make you fly more than 9 meters above the water. Can you imagine that? You are going to feel like if you are a the Marvel Super Hero Iron Man, flying with the Flyboard.

Enjoy the flyboard experience, from your personal point of view, get a courtesy camera for you to film your adventure and get ready to focus only in your flight, let the operator get your the power and trust you need to soar the surface of the water and fly above it.

The Flyboard is a safe and easy experience for everyone, in fact most of the people at the first 5 to 10 minutes have the hang of it, stability and control over the Flyboard. You can practice at maximum the sensation of being suspended hovering over the water and just as you dominate it you can achieve spins, turns, ascents, descents.

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