Day Trip To Contoy Island, Snorkeling And Bird Watching Tour

Contoy is a magical island, especially for ecotourism lovers. This protected'island combines a magnificent'boat cruise'through the beautiful'turquoise'Mexican Caribbean sea'and discovering this island, whose only inhabitants are thousands of different birds and animal species, in a habitat full of mangroves and a beautiful beach.

You will'sail for about an hour through the wonderful waters of the Caribbean'until you'reach the reef at Isla Contoy, carefully protected by Semarnat, responsible for protecting and safeguarding the'wonders of Contoy.'Once you'finish the'journey, you will'arrive to Isla Contoy where marine biologists will teach and delight you'with a magnificent explanation about the fauna and flora that inhabit this place, known also as Bird Island.

Enjoy a delicious grilled fish for lunch, part of that morning's catch freshly brought to you by fishermen from the nearest island. 'As you explore the island and swim in its pristine waters, you'll feel what it would be like to spend time on a deserted island paradise, far from land and where you are a part of nature.

Manta rays will swim right up to you along the beach in the hopes of getting fed. Contoy Island is a wonderful place for bird watchers as well'bring your binoculars!'On the way back you'will go'to Isla Mujeres to enjoy a little island shopping in their picturesque 'downtown' area.

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