Tour the Atlantis Submarine in'Cozumel , a'real submarine that will take you to amazing coral reefs of Cozumel!

Early in the morning you'll be picked up from your hotel and be taken to Cozumel, first by ground transportation and then by ferry to the Island of Cozumel.'Here is where the underwater adventure begins!

You will be on-boarded onto the ship 'ANA', enjoying a wonderful ride along the beautiful coasts of Cozumel Island, arriving at the immersion point where Submarine Atlantis XII will be waiting for you.'After your sub voyage, you may have some free time to see downtown Cozumel before returning.

You will be in awe of the wide variety of tropical fish you'll see while you cruise through the Cozumel coral reef that is more than 30 feet deep. As you progress, your guide will keep on giving important information about the seabed, until you reach an approximate depth of 60 feet.

The immersion time is about 45 minutes. At the end, you'll come back to land, enjoy free time to walk up and down'Cozumel's main strip, and pick up some mementos of your adventure!

You don't have to be a certified scuba diver to appreciate this beauty. It is an experience that you must not let pass you by!

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