When the sun goes down in Cancun, rock the night away at CoCo Bongo. Lose yourself in a spectacular show of acrobats, high-tech lights and live cover music of your favorite artists ' like the Beatles, Lady Gaga and Beyonc' ' and live it up with drinks from the domestic open bar. Want more space to dance and mingle? Upgrade to go VIP: Slip into the club through a special entrance, and enjoy an even better view of the stage from the VIP floor that comes with premium open bar service.

Get dressed up for your night out and head to CoCo Bongo, a club known for its one-of-a-kind entertainment.

Arrive at the'front of the massive, booming nightclub. You can splurge to make the most of your night with a VIP pass ' only 120 of these are issued each night, compared to the 1000-plus total people in attendance ' and sail past the long lines into an entrance designated for the VIP.

Inside CoCo Bongo, find one of the best parties in town. Acrobats might be spinning around bandeaus of fabric suspended from the ceiling. On the stage, any variety of acts could capture your attention: a mesmerizing light show, songs from Broadway musicals and tons of live music. Get your dance on as a band covers songs from a range of artists such as Madonna, Guns N' Roses, Queen, LMFAO or even Frank Sinatra. Enjoy it all with drinks from the domestic open bar.

VIP pass holders get to avoid the masses on the main floor and indulge in special seating up in the mezzanine, offering more space and a great view of the stage. Your glass will never be empty as attentive waitstaff drop by to fill it up with drinks from the premium open bar.

Dance the night away, and don't worry about getting too hot and cool down with the blasts of air shooting up from the floor. When you've had your fill of the fun, hop in one of the taxis waiting outside the club for a ride back to your hotel.

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