Seize a full day by visiting the three most know places: Tulum and Coba Ruins, the Cenote Tankach-Ha and enjoy a Lunch Buffet. Visit these two unique archaeological sites in their own way: Tulum is the only archaeological site with access to the beach in Mexico, and Coba is the tallest pyramid in this Mayan region, which can still be climbed. You will also have the opportunity to swim in the Cenote and in the beach of Tulum.

After early pickups and a few hours on the road, you will visit the archaeological site of Coba. It has the tallest pyramid in this part of the Mayan civilization, and you can still climb it. It is located around 45 kilometers inland from the sea and it is found between two lagoons. It is one of the oldest sites with some tools having been found from the year 100 BC. That is why the architecture is considered simple compared to other sites. It remained one of the longest living Mayan cities, lasting until just before the time of the Spanish conquest.

Then it's time to visit a beautiful cenote named Tankach-Ha. In order to reach it, you have to go underground quite a few meters through a wooden staircase, from which you can jump to the crystal clear refreshing waters of the cenote. After working out an appetite it's time for a filling buffet style lunch near the pyramid of Coba.

After lunch you will get to know the archaeological site of Tulum. Even though it's not the only front beach archaeological site in the world as a lot of people think; it is the best preserved, and the largest. To access the main site, you have to enter through its walls and then marvel looking at the cliffs covered with ancient buildings and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Even though it is large for a front beach site, it is quite small compared to other mainland sites. It was an active city by the time Spaniards came and it was because of them that the city became extinct, even though it was one of the last ones to be conquered.

Finally, it's time to go back to the hotel and continue some wonderful holidays.

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