Explore Coba, the oldest Mayan city in the Yucatan Peninsula. On a tour that takes you through spectacular landscapes in the middle of the jungle and offers you the magical experience of climbing to the top of one of the highest constructions in ancient Mayan civilization the great pyramid of Nohoch Muul. Coba is also the most recently uncovered, and restoration is still taking place.

After hotel pickup, you'll head to some of the best ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula. Avoid the major tourist crowds of Chichen Itza, by cruising south to the archeological site of Coba and climbing the Nohoch Mul pyramid. Accompanied by your guide, you will explore this once-mighty empire, and even climb the great pyramid, giving you awesome views over the Mayan jungle below.
The ruins are large and spread out, so there are bicycles and pedicabs (rickshaws) for rent at the gate, and expert trained guides available for hire at the entrance to give you incredible insight about the Mayans of Coba, and help you enjoy your visit to the ruins even more.

After your visit, you'll be taken back directly to your hotel.

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