Get to know the important'archaeological site of Cob' with a professional guide and take'a refreshing swim at a beautiful cenote.'Visit a true Mayan village where you will have a traditional meal and a pottery class with the local people. Take a look at the local zoo as well, an insight into'the local fauna.

Coba is one of the most important Mayan cities. Get a journey trough centuries of history and culture with an expert guide. The tour begins early in the morning, and head to the south for about an hour or hour and a half to Cob'.

There you will spend about 3 hours learning the history of the city, while being amazed by its beauty. 'After that, you will be taken to a beautiful cenote for a refreshing swim, very near from the site.

Later a delicious traditional meal at a real Mayan village will be waiting for you. The local people will give you a pottery class, with the traditional technique. This is a lifetime experience for all the family!

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