Chichen Itza, well known as the 8th wonder of the world! The most important archaeological site of the Mayan culture, a place that is a must to visit.

First, visit Real Mayab, surrounded by lush gardens and decorated in a truly unique style, bring comfort and rest amidst a calm and quiet atmosphere. Facilities are specially designed to welcome guests looking for a holistic retreat. We have green areas, meditation zone, a traditional temazcal and an arts and crafts shop to purchase the perfect souvenir of your stay. Plus, our Ix Chel Restaurant pays homage to the Mayan cuisine by preparing authentic delights of the Yucatecan gastronomy like the typical Cochinita Pibil.

Then go to Chichen Itza, the most important archaeological site of the Mayan culture, a place that is a must to visit. From the many monumental buildings of the area of Chichen itza the most important one its the Pyramid of Kukulcan, as also referred to as 'The Castle', one of the paradigms of the Mayan architecture. A pyramid with four sides that ends as a square temple. Each side of the pyramid, has 91 stairs plus one that leads to the high temple, this totals 365 stairs one for each day of the year.

Visit Ecological Park Ik-Kil, which is located 3 km from the archaeological site of Chichen Itza. It is one of the most visited during the year. It has an open sinkhole with an area of 85 feet and its shape is perfectly circular with 196 feet wide and about 130 feet deep, making it one of the largest in the'peninsula Yucatan.

To finish your tour, visit Valladolid. Aside from being a sanctuary and standing out as such, it is not as Christian in its interior. Though originally built in the 1545, it was demolished and rebuilt in 1703 because of the Crime of the Mayors, who were murdered at the altar,in the remodeling the entrance was changed due to this events.

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