Chichen Itza Fall Equinox Day Trip Plus Ek Balam From Cancun And Riviera Maya

Enjoy the Equinox day at Chichen Itza this'September. Visit Chichen Itza, Ek Balam and Hubiku Cenote and learn all about these amazing archaeological sites. Admire this unique event at Chichen Itza and have an unforgettable time. Your tour includes a professional guide and transport.

After hotel pickup in Cancun or Riviera Maya, start driving to Chichen Itz' to experience the fall equinox. This sacred city of the Itz'es will marvel when'the k'in Ahau (sun in the Mayan language) sets on March 21st and September 21st, during the spring and fall equinoxes.

You'll see the'main building known as the'Kukulkan Castle or The Pyramid and how the shadow from the sun reflects on it creating the illusion of a snake going down the staircase. This landmark is an icon of the astronomical, architectural, mathematical and engineering knowledge of the Mayas and you'll get to see it at a very special time in the year.'

Besides this place, you'll also see the'ball game with its engravings and glyphs and the Astronomical Observatory, also known as The Snail. After an unforgettable time here, you'll head to'Cenote Hubiku where you can cool off in its water and have a relaxing time. This is a subterranean sinkhole and, thanks to its opening at the top, with the entrance of the sunlight, the water achieves a beautiful blue color.

You will finish the tour at Ek'Balam, where you will be able to climb the Acropolis and see the monumental entrance to the underworld, represented in the Uk'it Kan Lec Tok' grave. The grave shows the jaws of a jaguar, and they found an offering consisting of more than 7,000 pieces of jewelry in it, made by the best goldsmiths of the time. See'sculptures that remind 'us of winged beings, and the comparison with beings from other cultures. Your tour ends with hotel drop-off.

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