Visit Chichen Itza, Coba and Ik Kil Cenote on this tour in the Mayan Riviera. See amazing archaeological sites and views while learning of the history of these places.

Enjoy a visit to Chichen Itza after hotel pickup in Cancun. You will visit the main building called Kukulkan Castle, known as The Pyramid. Learn about the architectural, mathematical and engineering knowledge of the Mayans and learn about the history of this important landmark. You will also see the ball game which represents the important ceremony established by the gods themselves. The Astronomical Observatory, also known as The Snail and the area of The Church are worth admiring, thanks to their masks from the Mayan classic period.

The second stop of the day is 'The place of the wind', Cenote Ik Kil. One of the accidents caused by the impact of a meteorite on the Yucatan peninsula was a ring of cenotes on a limestone peninsula full of holes that are connected among them. Ik Kil was an essential part for the active life of Chichen Itz'. Nowadays, it is open to the public for the delight of visitors from all around the world. Swimming in the waters of IK Kil is sharing part of an ancient purification in a place that ancient Mayans considered the perpetual dwelling of Chaac, god of the water and the rain. Nowadays, it is an official site for world cliff diving, as well as for other competitions worth mentioning, due to its waters, which are 60 meters deep.
You will have lunch at the restaurant of the cenote and then contineu to Coba. It is a 1-hour journey to arrive to a place which is one of the most important cities in the period of glory of the Mayan civilization. With about 50,000 inhabitants at its peak and a total area of 80 km2, there are many iconographic power monuments in its representations and internal and external zac beoobs (white paths).

Climb its 42 meters high pyramid and feel the mysticism of the past. The two kilometer tour to the main pyramid can be done by tricycle (a taxi for two with a driver included) or by bicycle on flat paths, to turn this experience into something memorable.
You'll head back to your hotel after the tour.

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