Go to the most notorious Mayan building on a day trip adventure. Chichen Itz' is one of the Seven Wonders Of the World, and a must do if you are visiting Cancun or the Mayan Riviera! Enjoy a delicious buffet meal an refresh yourself on a beautiful cenote. Visit the colonial city of Valladolid, a picturesque town 'were you can buy souvenirs or regional sweets!

The journey begins early in the morning, an 8:am pickup from your hotel is recommended. You'll go direct to Chichen Itza, where a'certified guide will'spend about 3 hours with you, explaining every aspect of the city and of the Mayan Culture. After that, a delicious buffet'meal 'and a refreshing swim at a beautiful cenote'will be waiting for you, 15 minutes away from the archaeological site.

For a perfect end, you will get to know Valladolid, a picturesque colonial city founded by the Spaniards. There you can spend about 30 minutes shopping and enjoying the marvelous view.'

The journey end with drop off at your hotel.

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