Discover the new way to explore the Mayan ruins on'a private photography tour.

The photographer/guide will take you on a fantastic journey through some amazing landscapes, experiencing new cultures and learning about the history of the ancient Mayans. Experience one of the 7 wonders of the world and embark on an an exciting journey under the guidance of a'professional local photographer and tour guide.

Start your day off early in order to beat the crowds, hotel pick up start as early as you like. 'Usually a quick stop for coffee, snacks and a quick vehicle safety check for the ride is in order and you will be'off.

Depending on your location of pick up, travel duration will vary. 'Periodic pit stops along the way are encouraged so you can stretch, use the bathroom, and take some amazing photos with the locals!

You will receive a detailed itinerary of your trip by email before your arrival, which outlines estimated times of arrival and list of activities.

Once you'arrive at Chichen Itza you'will explore the beautiful ancient Mayan Ruins and learn a little about the history of each monument. 'Your photographer will capture your day with high quality professional photos and you will learn how to take amazing photos during your tour.

Later, you'will travel to the beautiful city of Valladolid where you will find a beautiful cenote right in the middle of the city.

Under water cameras are more than welcome for this tour to take some'shots inside the cenote.'

Top quality photography service will be provided to you for the entire duration of your day.''You will also be provided with the tools and valuable tips for capturing some amazing vacation photos in Cancun's sunny environment.

Shortly after the'tour you will be contacted'when your photos are ready, and will get a link to access and download them in HQ with full non-commercial release so that you can'use them as you please.

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