Take a break from the sun with this all-day admission ticket to the Cancun Wax Museum, the first one of its kind in Cancun. From Nicole Kidman and Steve Jobs to Marilyn Monroe and the Pope, get up close to more than 100 characters from the world of movies, sports, music, television, and politics.

This all-day ticket to the Cancun Wax Museum grants you entry to a family-friendly attraction that offers a surreal experience with wax figures of national and international celebrities. Check out the'assortment of famous musicians, actors and actresses, sports legends, politicians, horror characters, and even the Pope. You'll get to see'wax figures of everyone from Queen Elizabeth'to Amy Winehouse and take fun selfies with your favorite character.

Each of the wax figures has been carefully crafted using elaborate make-up and human hair wigs, so you'll feel as you if you are looking at the real person. Visit the museum any day of the week from 10am to 10pm and have a one-of-a-kind experience while in Cancun.

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