Take an underwater ride on your own scooter! On your Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB), you don't have to wear a mask or worry about getting your head wet. Simply sit down, slip on a helmet with a built-in breathing apparatus, and propel down to a shallow seabed in the popular Chitales reef to discover diverse marine life. You'll also have a chance to put on snorkel gear to experience the crystal-clear waters of the reef from another perspective. This combination of a BOB ride and snorkeling offers a unique opportunity to interact with Cancun's colorful tropical fish and living coral at a relaxed pace.

Meet your guides at the Aquaworld Marina on Kukulcan Boulevard in Cancun, across the street from the Paradisus Cancun Hotel. From there, walk a short distance to your boat for a 15-minute cruise to one of Cancun's famous reefs, Chitales. The area is only about 20 to 35 feet (6 to 11 meters) deep, making it a great spot for underwater adventurers of all experience levels.

Once you arrive at the Chitales reef area, your professional BOB guides provide you with a briefing, during which you'll learn basic piloting maneuvers, common operating procedures and easy-to-understand hand signals. A safety briefing on snorkeling will accompany the BOB orientation. Your guides will then divide the people in your boat into two groups: one group rides the BOB scooters while the other group snorkels, then the groups switch activities.

With the BOB, you avoid the hassle of carrying heavy equipment on your back or learning the nuances of diving, allowing you to explore the underwater world with ease. Just sit down on the seat and place your head inside the clear acrylic bubble-shaped helmet, filled with air from a storage tank; the rest of your body is submerged in water.

If you're in the first group to ride the BOB scooters, climb on when you're ready and propel down 30 feet (9 meters) to cruise around a coral reef teeming with colorful fish. You'll travel at an easy two knots, which is a little over one mile per hour (two kilometers per hour).

Throughout your underwater scooter adventure, which lasts about 30 to 35 minutes, a team of professional BOB experts stop to point out the marine life around the magnificent coral reef. Keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles and manatees!

After the BOB ride and tour, get ready to snorkel! Pull on your provided mask, snorkel and fins and when you're ready, hop in to skim the water's surface for about 30 to 35 minutes.

At any point if you need a break, grab a bottle of water or have some fresh fruit snacks on board. Feel free to ask any questions about the creatures you see, or ask for help adjusting your gear.

After exploring Chitales from several vantage points, your boat will take you back to the Aquaworld Marina. With this unique tour under your belt, you can boast to your friends back home of your BOB adventure! Need to provide proof? Snap up a custom photo of your underwater-scooter experience available for purchase after your excursion.

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