Cancun Super Saver: Isla Mujeres All Inclusive Catamaran Plus Xcaret Park

Book and enjoy this Cancun Super Saver which includes two of the most popular activities in the area taken over two days. The first day you'll get to visit Isla Mujeres aboard a catamaran and snorkel enjoying the beach, open bar and buffet lunch. On the second day, you'll head to Xcaret and have a blast in this unique, natural "eco-park" which offers plenty of activities including a night show. Both tours include hotel pickup and drop-off.

Enjoy two of the most popular tours in Cancun and Riviera Maya and see amazing sights, enjoy snorkeling and the wonderful natural surroundings. Your Super Saver takes place over two days and you'll make the most of what the area has to offer.'

On the first day, you'll enjoy an all-inclusive catamaran tour to Isla Mujeres. After hotel pickup, head to the marina and set sail onto the Caribbean Sea toward Isla Mujeres. You'll relax in the shade or stretch out at the front of the ship across open netting while admiring the wonderful views. You'll then stop at a coral reef for an hour of snorkeling. Swim through crystal-clear waters while admiring beautiful coral formations, tropical fish, and other fascinating creatures of the sea. Your guide will sprinkle fish food into the water to completely surround you with schools of colorful exotic fish.

After snorkeling, continue to the beach, where you'll relax and have a delicious buffet lunch under palm trees. You'll board the catamaran and sail back to Cancun where your tour ends with hotel drop-off.

On the second day you visit Xcaret, one of the most famous amusement parks in Mexico. With a unique natural environment, you'll enjoy plenty of fun activities. There are more than 40 attractions and you'll be surrounded by lush jungle, underground rives and the beautiful Caribbean sea. Upon arrival, you'll get a map of the park and visit places like Hacienda Henequenera to see the bright colors of this traditional plantation, or the Folk Art Museum, with works of renowned Mexican artists. You can then visit the aviary and admire scarlet macaws, tropical birds and even pink flamingos. If you want some adventure, head to the underground rivers where you can swim and snorkel.

Don't miss a visit to the Mayan Village where you can grab a seat and witness 'Mexico Espectacular', a musical celebration of Mexico's history with incredible costumes and dancing. If you select the "Xcaret Plus" option you'll also get a complimentary meal at one of the park's restaurants. Once you've fully explored the park, you'll board a vehicle and head back to your Cancun or Riviera Maya hotel.

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