Cancun Super Saver: Exclusive Early Access To Chichen Itza Plus Early Access To Tulum Ruins With An Archaeologist Guide

Experience the Maya sites of Chichen Itza and Tulum in the morning hours, before the majority of the crowds arrive. With this Super Saver, you can combine two top tours from Cancun at a discounted price across two days. Explore each site with an archaeologist guide to learn interesting facts about one of Mexico's ancient civilizations, see fascinating ruins like El Castillo at Chichen Itza (a World Heritage site) and admire Tulum's spectacular setting on the Caribbean Sea. Lunch is included on both days with this Viator Exclusive that's available nowhere else.

Day 1 or 2 ' Viator Exclusive: Early Access to Chichen Itza with a Private Archaeologist
Your tour starts with hotel pickup in Cancun in the very early morning, so when you arrive at Chichen Itza, you can enjoy this tranquil time of day with your archaeologist guide during your in-depth experience.

During your tour, hear background information about the well-preserved site of Chichen Itza, and learn how this pre-Colombian city played an important role in Maya civilization from the years 600 to 1,200 AD. A center of worship and pilgrimage until the Spanish arrived, the site is still considered sacred by the Yucat'n's present-day Maya population.

Learn how the city was discovered and unearthed by archaeologists, earning UNESCO protection, and hear from your guide about the philosophy and mythology behind the ancient ruins. Visit the Observatory, Temple of the Jaguars, Temple of the Warriors and famous El Castillo, also known as the Temple of Kukulkan.

On the ride back to Cancun, enjoy a box lunch.

Day 1 or 2 ' Viator Exclusive: Early Access to Tulum Ruins with an Archaeologist
Begin your tour with early morning hotel pickup, and stop for snacks (own expense) during the drive to Tulum. When you arrive, join your guide, a certified archaeologist, for your extensive exploration of this Maya city perched on a cliff overlooking the turquoise Caribbean.

During your tour of Tulum, a Mayan word for 'wall,' listen to your guide's informative commentary about the research of the site and the civilization that once lived here. Learn how Tulum was one of the major Maya cities of the 13th and 14th centuries due to its strategic location on the coast, its elevation (the region's highest) and its defense system.

Today, Tulum is best known for its sandy beaches and the remains of colorful murals painted over bright white walls, but as you wander the ruins of the city, you'll learn about the archaeological uncovering of this political settlement that once exploited the rich marine resources off the coast.

Return to your hotel in the afternoon, enjoying a box lunch during the drive.

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