Cancun Super Saver: Exclusive Chichen Itza And Coba Early Access Tours Led By Archaeologist

See Chichen Itza and Coba at their best, before the daytime crowds beat you to it! This Viator Exclusive Super Saver combines two top experiences from Cancun at a discounted price over two days. Explore each site with a certified archaeologist guide to learn intriguing facts about ancient Mayan civilization, and visit must-see ruins such as El Castillo at Chichen Itza and Nohoch Mul Pyramid at Coba. In the afternoon, the Coba tour also includes a swim in an underground cave-pool, known as a cenote. It's a Viator Exclusive that's available nowhere else.

Each tour on this Viator Exclusive Super Saver takes place on a separate day, and it's your choice whether you visit Chichen Itza on Day 1 and Coba on Day 2, or vice versa.
Day 1 or 2 ' Viator Exclusive: Early Access to Chichen Itza with a Private Archaeologist (9 hours)Start with an early pickup from your Cancun hotel, and travel to Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Your guide for the day is a certified archaeologist, knowledgeable about ancient Mayan civilization and the mythology that surrounds the site, so enjoy the commentary as you travel.
After arriving early to beat the crowds, explore the ruins on an in-depth tour. Hear how the large pre-Columbian city played an important role in Mayan life, and learn of its importance as a worship and pilgrimage site prior to the Spanish conquest. Today, the site is still revered as a sacred spot by the Maya population of the Yucat'n peninsula.
Learn how the site was discovered in the middle of the jungle, and hear fascinating facts about the stone carvings, pyramids and platforms that dot the surroundings. Hear how a serpent of light appears to wind down the temple's stairways at the famous El Castillo (aka the Temple of Kukulkan), and view other must-see sites including the Observatory, Temple of the Jaguars and the Temple of the Warriors.
Enjoy a box lunch on your return to Cancun, and then finish with a drop-off at your hotel in the mid-afternoon.
Day 1 or 2: Viator Exclusive: Coba Ruins Early Access Tour with an Archaeologist, and Cenote Swim from Cancun (10 hours)Leave your Cancun hotel early, and relax on the 2-hour drive to Coba, one of the largest pre-Columbian settlements of the Classic period. Free from the usual crowds that gather later in the day, Coba is even more fascinating. Discover the must-see ruins in the expansive archaeological zone ' an area that covers some 43 square miles (70 square km) ' and see intriguing stone monuments, hieroglyphic texts and a network of ancient roads, too.
Learn how the city was created around five lakes within the dense jungle, and hear how the name Coba derives from the Mayan word for 'place of choppy water '' an apt name for the site. As a certified archaeologist, your guide is full of fascinating facts that, otherwise, you may not hear!
Climb to the top of Nohoch Mul Pyramid, the largest Mayan pyramid in the Yucat'n Peninsula, and gaze out over the rainforest floor. Then, head to a nearby cenote, an underground cave pool, for a refreshing swim. After floating around in the naturally illuminated water, make your way to a local restaurant and dig in to a buffet of typical Mexican fare, pasta, salad and dessert. Your Viator Exclusive then finishes with a hotel drop-off.

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