Fly over Nichupte Lagoon with a thrilling jetpack experience in Cancun! You'll feel weightless as you are lifted from the water and launched 30 feet (9 meters) into the air! Choose a 20- or 30-minute flight, including training with a certified instructor who remotely controls the throttle and communicates via a headset as you practice basic flight skills. You'll learn to turn, hover and walk on water in as little as six minutes. When you're ready, full throttle control will be handed back to you!

Jetpack flights depart from the Marina Lighthouse in Cancun every hour. Enjoy a boat ride through the mangroves of Nichupte Lagoon, whose swamp-lined canals link to the Caribbean Sea and are home to diverse animal species, such as crocodiles, leopard frogs, iguanas, white turtles and a variety of birds.

When you arrive, you'll receive an orientation from your certified jetpack instructor who will introduce you to the equipment and discuss the safety features of the system. The jetpack is designed for safety and stability ' it's easy to learn and operate using high water pressure technology. As you are lifted from the water, you'll feel weightless in the air! Spend either 20- or 30-minutes in the water for this unforgettable experience!

Enjoy precise and effortless flight controls as your instructor guides you through on-water training and communicates via a radio system to your helmet. Using a remote control, your instructor can take over your throttle while you focus on learning nozzle angle controls. When the instructor feels that you are ready, he or she will remotely hand the throttle control back to you.

In as little as six minutes, you'll learn the basics ' hovering, turning and walking on water ' as you fly over Nichupte Lagoon and enjoy the views!

Be sure to inquire about souvenir photos available for purchase.

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