Certified divers can now explore the underwater world off the Caribbean coast of Mexico! Cancun is a world-renowned diving location and offers various sites, each with its own unique characteristics. Experience the Great Mayan Reef, the newly built Underwater Sculpture Museum, a night dive, and a dive at the wreck of a C-58 Minesweeper. With exotic aquatic wildlife and four unique dives to choose from, all certified divers will be impressed with a Cancun 2-tank dive!

8am 2-tank reef dive:
Departing at 8:00am, you'll head directly to the Great Mayan Reef. Upon arrival, the expert crew will assist you in donning your dive gear and answer any questions you may have. With a ratio of 4-6 divers per divemaster, you'll be watched over at all times. Spend approximately 40 minutes below the surface exploring the diverse marine animals of the coral reef. After your first dive at the Great Mayan Reef, you'll take a boat ride to a second dive site for another plunge. Diving depths for this option range between 50 and 60 feet (15 to 18 meters).
Note: This dive departs Monday, Wednesday and Friday only

8am 2-tank reef dive:
Head to the beautiful Manchones Reef structure, where you can see the brand-new Underwater Sculpture Museum. This ecological project consists of 400 life-size sculptures and forms a complex reef structure inhabited and colonized by various forms of marine life. Each of the sculptures is made from special materials used to promote coral life. You'll get to explore this fantastic man made reef and its new inhabitants, and reach depths up to 35 feet (11 meters). Your second dive takes place in another area of the Manchones Reef.
Note: This dive is available daily

1-tank night dive:
When the sun goes down, you'll plunge into the dark of the Caribbean at night ' catch exclusive glimpses of the reef's nocturnal residents, including squid, octopus, nurse sharks and parrotfish asleep in their protective, self-made 'sleeping bags"!

8am 2-tank wreck dive:
The 2-tank wreck dive takes you to the C-58 Mindsweeper, a ship which was sunk in the 1980s. As you explore the hollows of this foundered vessel, you'll find even more marine life. Your dive instructor will show you interesting parts of the wreckage, as well as unique creatures hiding in the vessel's nooks and crannies. Packs of rays and barracudas are commonly seen during this dive and you'll reach depths of up to 85 feet (26 meters).

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