Spot manatees and crocodiles swimming in their natural habitat, and admire the unspoiled beauty of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, during this full-day'boat tour of the Muyil and Chunyaxch' lagoons. Stop for a guided tour of the Muyil ruins, then continue floating through mangrove forests before enjoying a picnic on the beach. Transportation to and from any hotel between Playa del Carmen and Tulum is included.

Sian Ka'an Biosphere reserve

The protected, wildlife-rich area, over 5000 sq km of tropical jungle, marsh, mangroves and islands on Quintana Roo's coast have been set aside by the Mexican government as a large biosphere reserve. Sian Ka'an (Where the Sky Begins) is home to howler monkeys, anteaters, foxes, ocelots, pumas, crocodiles, eagles, raccoons, tapirs, peccaries, giant land crabs, jaguars and hundreds of bird species. There are 23 known archaeological sites inside the reserve. Discoveries of human remains, ceramic pieces, and other artifacts have been dated up to 2,300 years old. The northernmost section of Sian Ka'an contains what is thought to be an ancient trade route through lagoons and mangrove channels between the cities of Tulum and Muyil. This full-day boat trip will take you on lagoons Muyil and Chunyaxch' via this ancient Maya trade route and natural canals. Swim in the Maya canal and float through the mangroves in translucent water. Then, the boat will take you through the wetlands that are home to manatees and two species of endangered crocodiles to the Caribbean Sea where you can rest on a quiet beach.

Muyil ruins

While Muyil is a less excavated site, it is significant for being one of the earliest and longest inhabited Maya sites on the Yucatan. Pottery shards and other artifacts have been found dating back from as early as 350 B.C.E. to as late as 1200-1500 C.E. Another factor that makes this Yucatan Mayan site unique is that it is an example of Peten architecture, a style typical of older, more southern Mayan sites with their steep walled pyramids such as Tikal in Guatemala. Since most tourists tend to skip Muyil, it is an interesting site to visit for those looking for a more primitive experience.


- Pickup from your hotel at 8am
- Muyil ruins (30 min. guided tour)
- Boat trip on Muyil and Chunyaxch' lagoons, floating in the Mayan channel and watching manatees and crocodiles on the way up to Caribbean Sea
- Picnic on the beach
- Return to the hotel at around 4pm

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