Take a party cruise from Cancun to Isla Mujeres. Make a stop to snorkel at one of the best reefs and see beautiful tropical fish. Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch on board the ship and then tour Isla Mujeres to shop and take photos. This tour is only for adults 18+.

Check-in at 9:30am from the Temptations Hotel at the Marina for your 10am cruise. While on board, enjoy an open bar and live entertainment. Your first stop will be to snorkel at one of the best reefs, where you will see beautiful tropical fish in the clear waters of the Caribbean.

Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch, with a variety of dishes such as fish, chicken, pastas and flavored waters at the private beach club. Spend about an hour and a half here before continuing on to downtown Isla Mujeres where you can spend another hour and a half shopping, taking pictures and get a glimpse of island life. You can even rent a golf cart to tour around downtown.

Get back on board the ship to party your way back to Cancun.

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